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About Me.

Hello! Let me share just a tidbit about myself. I’m a very enthusiastic person, that LOVES God and His people! l really love Art and the flair it brings to living. It’s JOY to me, to observe God’s Beautiful Creations.


I have often wistfully wished (after graduating from college) that I had majored in the Arts. But, as the old saying goes, “ All Is Well, That Ends Well”! (smile) So here I am! Yes! Decades later, stretching myself, as an Artist! I LOVE IT! 


I’m a Copy of God! Therefore, I can Copy His Awesome Handiworks, and His Written Word, in my Artistic Expressions, that comes from God, my heart, to yours… 


Now, I can say, that earlier, God blessed me to author and publish Three (3) Books, that are all on both the platforms of and The names of my Books are: ‘Sparks of Lyrical Truth Igniting' ; ‘A Real Dramatic True Jesus Birth Story’ ; and ‘Stanzas With Swag’.  As you can see, my first Creative action, was in the flow of Poetic Writings, all, inspired by God’s Word. When my works became Published, it made me a happy-camper, back then. And now, my newly found Love of 

Drawing and Painting, makes me a happy-camper, now! :-)


By the way, I am a highly motivated, Self-Taught Drawing and Painting Artist, using 

different mediums and subjects. I have learned, and will yet learn in the Arts,  by 

observation, reading, as well as by listening to videos from other skilled Artist. Thanks to each of you, for the Love shown, by Sharing to others. Since I have become more PASSIONATE about ART, it’s now my turn, to Share Heartfelt Love, through my ARTWORKS, to the World! By my FAITH, I believe my Artworks will be Inspirational, Encouraging, Eye-Pleasing, and oh, so much more! Thanks to all for showing me some Love, by purchasing my Museum Quality Artwork Prints,  that are ALL CREATED, with LOVE.


My Favorite Bible Verse is I Thessalonians 5:16 “REJOICE EVERMORE!” 

And, right now, I’m REJOICING because I am bringing forth to you, God-Inspired 

Creations of Beautiful ART, piece by piece!


In the words of my Mother, “I LOVE EVERYBODY!”  Blessings!

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