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Decades ago, God spoke through an anointed preacher and prophet, to speak into my life. While in the midst of a prayer line, (at my church) God breathed upon the preacher, (who laid hands upon me) to speak a specific word of prophecy to me. God spoke through him, (as he was praying) that I would become an entrepreneur. Thus, Artistic Works of God began to flow, from me, as never before. I have authored, three published books. (See them in the “About Me” section). And, now God is blessing me to create Drawings and Painting, that will bring Glory to, Him, Almighty God! I thank God for His Spirit flowing in me. Henceforth, I say “Lord, I’m Reporting for Duty!” — Whatever You want me to do, I am willing! My soul says, “Yes!”  ‘Bettie Grady Dot Com’ is a meaningful piece of Art, to symbolize, God Speaking. (Smile)


Print: Moab Entrada Rag Bright 290gsm - Archival Fine Art Paper 

Size: 8”  x 10” 

Bettie Grady Dot Com

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