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I know firsthand about Sweet Watermelon that was grown on God’s Mississippi soil! Yummy…Yummy… GOOD! As a child, I enjoyed eating the sweet watermelons that my grandfather grew in his watermelon patch. Granddad would thump the melon, to hear a certain sound, that spoke... “Yep! I’m good and ripe! Ready to be eaten!” Watermelon gives one, such pleasure when eating it. I’m going to equate that pleasure to the spiritual aspect of God giving us pleasure as we serve Him. (That's Sheer Delight!) Which then, causes God, Himself, to have pleasure, also! Now, how bout that! (smile). God has created so many other delicious Sweet Fruit, to give us pleasure! And,  I’m so grateful.  This Artwork was drawn from a photo of the watermelon, that I actually ate. It was really …SWEET! --If Artwork could talk, this picture would probably speak, and say, “Buy sweet me! Eat sweet watermelon and fruit! And, eat the roll (which is) the Bible-book, of Sweet God!” ♥️


Print: Moab Entrada Rag Bright 290gsm - Archival Fine Art Paper 

Size: 8”  x 10” 


Sweet Watermelon, God, and Fruit

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